RGF Counseling

Renee G. Felder, MSS, LCSW

                                           Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose the right therapist?   First and foremost, your relationship with your therapist is the key factor.  However, other things that must be considered are: What are your specific needs  and does your therapist specialize in those needs?  Do you feel a safe and trusting relationship when speaking with your counselor?  Is location of the office a factor?  Trust your intuition.


How do I pay for my visits?  RGF Counseling does not accept insurance.  Renee works with each client on an individual basis to assess their needs and fees.  Receipts can be provided for submission to your insurance provider as out-of-network if covered by your policy.  Please call for more information.


You should check with your Insurance Company to answer the following questions:

Do you have mental health insurance benefits?

Is there a deductible or co-pay?

Is the co-pay mush less than the "out of network" reimbursement?

How many sessions are covered under my plan?

Do you need a referral from a primary care physician?



You should also consider the following:

Is your privacy and confidentiality protected within your insurance company?

Does your carrier dictate the length of treatment you receive rather than your actual needs?


Is your mental health and well-being worth the cost?